C&J Energy Services is an industry-leading provider of pumpdown, wellsite makeup and pressure-testing services. Our people are highly experienced in safely servicing deep, high-pressure, high-temperature wells in the most active production basins.

In major basins across the continental U.S., operators trust our pumpdown services to successfully complete new wells and perform remedial and production-enhancement work on existing wells. We provide well injection, casedhole testing, workover pumping, mud displacement, wireline pumpdowns and coiled tubing pumpdowns. Our pumpdown services are routinely executed in conjunction with our wireline and fracturing services.

Unmatched inventory and infrastructure from the industry leader in oilfield pumping services.

Acidizing and Pumping Equipment and Capabilities

  • Self-charging, tractor-trailer-mounted pumps
  • Wireline pumpdowns
  • Pressure and injection testing
  • Fleet of 5,000-gal single- and double-compartment tankers
  • Ability to haul HCL, NEFE, glacial acetic and HF acids
  • Diverter jobs
  • Cleanouts
  • Workover-rig assists
  • Scale squeezes
  • Ballout jobs
  • Data acquisition on all jobs
  • 3-in. iron packages
  • Data trailers with integrated OSHA-approved eyewash and shower stations
  • Toe prep

Wellsite Makeup Services

C&J is a leading provider of premium wellsite makeup and pressure-testing services. Our technologically advanced, trailer-mounted units can be quickly deployed to virtually any wellsite and used in conjunction with drilling, fracturing, facilities installation, production testing and many other operations. We can perform standalone services, or we can work in concert with our wireline or pressure-pumping services. Our wellsite makeup and pressure-testing services include:

  • 20,000-psi pressure-test units (glycol capable)
  • Full set of hydraulic wrenches
  • 5,000-, 10,000- and 20,000-psi chart recorders
  • BOP testing
  • Frac-tree makeup and testing
  • Production-tree makeup and testing
  • Wireline-lubricator testing
  • Backside pressure during fracturing treatments
  • Pressure-testing flowlines
  • Makeup and pressure testing of production equipment