Tru-Mill Composite Plug

All our frac plugs are engineered to deliver the low-cost, high-performance and highly reliable level of completion tools you’ve come to expect from C&J. Run downhole on wireline, the plugs can be used to isolate zones in vertical, deviated and horizontal wells during hydraulic stimulation. Their high-strength composite bodies can be drilled out efficiently, using coil or stick pipe, to enable full wellbore flow.

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Tru-Mill™ Composite Plugs

C&J’s engineering and materials expertise results in more molded components than most competitive plugs. This delivers better performance, improved cost-effectiveness and greater material consistency.

  • 100% compression-molded mandrel and bottom sub
  • True 8,000- or 10,000-psi differential rating (depending on model)
  • Robust seal in a wide range of casing IDs, at elevated temperatures, for extended periods
  • Stronger, more consistent performance than plugs using ceramic button slips
  • Designed, built and tested at C&J’s ISO-certified R&T Center in Houston