MultiJect Liquid Additive System for Coiled Tubing

Image - MultiJect LAS Unit

Precise mixing and real-time data to optimize fluid performance.

Fine-tune your CT chemical operations.

Image - MultiJect LAS CAD DrawingWhile coiled tubing (CT) provides a reliable method for well intervention, there are several common problems that can diminish CT efficiency and increase NPT. Potential issues include wasted chemicals, poor operational recordkeeping, inconsistent concentrations and more. At C&J Energy Services, we’re out to make those problems a thing of the past.

 MultiJect LAS Features and Benefits:

  • Closed-system, direct-injection design delivers precise mixing in a controlled environment.
  • Unique features and capabilities improve CT deployment and reduce NPT:
    • Data acquisition and monitoring enhance ability to validate chemical performance and determine if adjustments are needed.
    • Direct-injection baffle system provides on-the-fly capability to fine-tune the mixture as conditions change along the wellbore.
  • 100% redundancy enables conventional mix methods in case of any interruption to LAS.

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Precise mixing and real-time data to optimize fluid performance.

Paired with the unsurpassed CT expertise of C&J Energy Services, our MultiJect LAS gives you all the tools you need to achieve the best possible CT results. With C&J providing the overall CT design – including the CT unit, chemical mixing and fluid pumping – operational efficiency and quality control increase dramatically.