Fishing Tools

When you lose a drilling tool down the wellbore, drilling comes to a halt, and profits are increasingly threatened with each passing minute. But although time is of the essence, safety and expertise must always come first. That’s why drilling operators — in major plays across the continental U.S. — trust C&J Energy Services to get their operations back on track.

Restore Profitability with Fast Service and Quality Fishing Tools

We’re available around the clock to help retrieve lost drilling tools quickly and safely. With more than 20 years providing fishing tools and services, we’re fully committed to providing exceptional service with unwavering attention to health, safety and environmental performance.

C&J is always ready to supply a comprehensive line of fishing tools and services, some of which include:

  • Openhole and cased-hole fishing equipment
  • Fishing services for all types of onshore wells
  • Internal- and external-catch fishing equipment
  • Fishing jar services
  • Cutting/milling services
  • Power swivels

Our full-service rental equipment is available for drilling, workover and well intervention:

  • Drill pipe
  • Drill collars
  • Tubing, tubing accessories and handling tools