Re-Con Frac-Less Restimulation

When your horizontal well needs rejuvenation, refracturing may not be a possibility. Many times, the cost and downtime associated with refracturing are too high. Other times, due to pipe-integrity issues, the well can’t handle the high pressure of a frac treatment. In these cases, frac-less stimulation has proven to be a cost-efficient solution. However, frac-less stimulation often yields inconsistent results. To help you achieve the consistent results your operation demands, C&J provides the exclusive Re-Con frac-less restimulation treatment. Re-Con treatment is a more cost-efficient solution to enhance production without high-pressure fracturing.

A Lower-Cost Alternative for Refracturing Operations

Re-Con treatment was designed to consistently provide the highest probability of engineered success for each well treatment by using the latest in advanced chemistries and several leading-edge technologies. Each frac-less treatment is uniquely formulated for the well and reservoir, targeting existing fractures for a more effective alternative to “pump and pray” refracturing methods – and at significantly lower cost.

Re-Con treatment uses a patent-pending diverting process that ensures a near-complete diversion across any size lateral. By cleaning the wellbore and subsequently cleaning the existing fractures, you can remedy perforation and formation damage without the possibility of damaging the casing.