O-Tex Cementing

C*J Energy Services CircuLite Lightweight Cement

High compressive strength at lower densities.

Our CircuLite™ family of lightweight cements are available in three blends to accommodate a variety of wellbore conditions and operational requirements – and each blend can be enhanced with additives to meet your specific well conditions. For more details, check out the Related Resources on the right side of this page.

Custom, Flexible Services and Expertise

C&J is one of the largest, most geographically diverse and technologically advanced providers of well construction, well completions and well services in the U.S., and we’re proud to be at your service. Our O-Tex Cementing service line delivers the expertise, flexibility, facilities and equipment to develop customized solutions to meet your unique wellsite needs:

  • Regionally based expertise, equipment, bulk plants and laboratories in major shale basins for faster service during pre-job planning and at the wellsite
  • Specialized job designs, including zonal isolation at high temperatures and high-efficiency slurry plans to meet specific well needs
  • Exclusive CircuLite lightweight cement formulations – to fight lost circulation by providing high compressive strength at lower densities
  • Extensive range of cementing equipment for any location and any job design
  • Full-scale cement-blend testing and reporting capabilities at every lab

Efficient Mud Removal and Zonal Isolation

Our proprietary cementing systems are engineered to provide exceptional zonal isolation in any environment – including conventional, unconventional, horizontal, high-pressure and high-temperature applications. Precise design and thorough testing enable our cement blends to meet stringent requirements for fluid loss, free fluid, thickening time and compressive strength. Our advanced cementing simulation software provides valuable confirmation that each blend is formulated to deliver optimal mud removal and zonal isolation. 

Local Solutions, Tailored to Your Specific Well Requirements

When you work with C&J O-Tex Cementing, you’re never locked in to expensive, standardized formulations. Our cost-effective cement blends and slurry systems are designed to deliver optimal performance for your individual well conditions and operational goals. Using a variety of quality cementing products and additives, each job is customized to provide local, proven solutions to your key technical challenges.

Plug and Abandonment

Our Well Servicing division provides efficient and comprehensive plug-and-abandonment (P&A) services using the highest quality cementing, rig serviceswirelinefluids management and coiled tubing. We can provide a complete, one-stop solution that includes everything from basic P&A services to on-location management, accommodations for a variety of individual project requirements, and even total location restoration.