Rig Services

To help prolong the productive life of an oil or gas well, C&J operates a fleet of workover and well servicing rigs throughout the U.S. Rigs range from 200 to 900 horsepower for the routine repair and maintenance of oil and gas wells, completion of new wells, re-drilling, and plug and abandonment operations.

Chevron Workover Team of the Month

Rigged Up and Ready to Excel

Congrats to the crew of rig C&J1475 in Andrews, Texas, the first-ever recipient (April 2018) of the Chevron Workover Team of the Month award. This incident-free operation was highlighted by awesome crew retention, low NPT and excellent Chevron WellSafe conformance.

Applications include cleanout, recompletions, swabbing and/or any well maintenance required by producing wells.

We offer auxiliary services including power swivels, pumps, mud tanks, generator sets, blowout prevention equipment, frac tanks, and virtually all types and sizes of auxiliary equipment required for any maintenance, workover, or completion.

Rig Servicing Applications

  • Initial completion of new wells
  • ESP and rod installations/repairs
  • Mechanical tubing and casing repairs
  • Recompletion of existing wells
  • Swabbing/fluid removal services
  • Lateral drilling and completion
  • Plug and abandonment
  • Wellbore extension drilling