Toe Prep

Toe prep involves preparing the well for fracturing operations. C&J Energy Services is your one-stop shop for toe preps, wireline pumpdowns, workover completions, diverters, tubing pickling and stimulation services. We provide an advanced fleet of self-boosting pumps to deliver torque-and-test services, acid, chemicals, ball drops, acid transports and backside pumps – when and where you need us.

Our toe prep capabilities include:

  • Toe-sleeve initiation
  • First shoot/diagnostic fracture-injection testing
  • Injection tests
  • Acid spotting
  • Pumpdown wireline guns/tools

Why choose C&J to toe prep your well?

  • Self-boosting pumps don’t require transfer pumps or blenders at your site.
  • Portable acquisition systems eliminate the need for data vans.
  • Acid docks and transports enable acid treatment with no need for third-party vendors.

When you hire C&J to service your wells, a team of remarkable people is always part of the package. We’re ready to put our experience and expertise to work for you.

To take advantage of our industry-leading toe prep capabilities, contact your local C&J sales representative.