Solutions for Well Stimulation

C&J offers fracturing capabilities to handle the most technically demanding reservoir challenges. Fracturing services are provided by trained, experienced crews using modern, reliable equipment. Crews work safely and efficiently to increase the number of fracturing stages completed during a project’s life cycle.


Extending Blender Life to Boost Your Frac Performance

A smooth-running, on-schedule frac operation is essential to keep your revenue flowing. Because blenders are such a workhorse, they’re also one of the biggest potential points of failure. So here’s how we’re working to keep key components running up to four times as long:

  • Improved flow characterization
  • Protective coatings on piping
  • Gearbox protection
  • Improved geometry and metallurgy in discharge pumps
  • Standalone acid pumping to avoid blender corrosion

Contact your local C&J representative to learn more about how we can help you increase your frac ROI.

At C&J, fracturing services begin with collaboration. Our engineers work closely with you to deliver the completion design that best meets the challenges of each unique job. For you, this translates to greater wellsite efficiencies and improved production.

Extensive experience in both conventional and unconventional reservoirs, combined with in-house research and technology capabilities, enables us to offer a range of stimulation and restimulation techniques to help regain production and increase well recovery.

For example, the LateralScience℠ engineered completion method leverages commonly available drilling data to identify “like rock,” meaning rock with similar geomechanical properties. This enables you to optimize perf clusters and plug spacing to significantly improve well stimulation and production an average of 30% – without incurring the considerable data-collection expense normally associated with assessing horizontal wellbores.

Acidizing Service

Well performance is affected by many factors, and identifying the right solution is critical once reservoir pressure is depleted and production begins to decline. Refracturing a well is not always economical. Acidizing to remove damage may be the solution. Our acidizing services and products include the DeepEtch™ gelled acid system, which gives you the option to pump matrix-rate gelled and crosslinked acid stimulations, in addition to traditional high- and low-rate linear acid stimulations.


Turns off frac pump engines between stages.
Restarts them when it’s time to pump again.

Image - Hibernate Warm-Start System
Now, there’s no reason to keep frac pump engines running throughout the day. Our innovative Hibernate warm-start system turns off the engines when they’re not needed and then makes quick, reliable group starts to pump the next stage. For you, that means less equipment wear and resulting NPT, reduced fuel consumption and improved on-site safety.

It’s just one more example of C&J’s commitment to doing the right thing.

Additional Fracturing Technologies and Services

C&J has a range of technologies engineered to help regain production and increase ultimate recovery. Services and technologies include:

  • Reviewing the initial completion plan, studying the well’s production decline curve and assessing formation characteristics to devise the best solution for your well.
  • A full package of supplementary services for completions and the life of your well, including wireline and coiled tubing services.
  • Designing fluid systems compatible with your specific well parameters – including our PureStim™ fluid systems, which are designed to perform across a wide range of temperatures and applications.
  • Several solutions designed for situations when pipe-integrity issues prohibit high-pressure treatments – including our proven Re-Con℠ frac-less restimulation The Re-Con process ensures a near-complete diversion across any size lateral.
  • A full portfolio of diversion products – including IsoVERT™ midstage diversion material – to effectively stimulate all fractured intervals and unlock additional producible reserves.
  • Specialized Completions Solutions and fit-for-purpose refracturing design processes that use existing data to deliver exceptional results.

Image - C&J and Seismos Collaboration

Two cutting-edge technologies bring an unprecedented depth of reservoir intelligence to your shale operations. These affordable, noninvasive solutions deliver vast improvements in frac plans, field development and operational efficiency.