GameChanger™ Perforating System

The GameChanger™ perforating system improves ease of use, increases reliability and reduces nonproductive time with an innovative design that practically eliminates misruns caused by problems within the perforating gun.

GameChanger external photos

Plug-and-play simplicity in the field. Reliable connections downhole.

Short, durable subs reduce string length and weight, which requires less rig-up equipment and provides safer on-site handling
The semi-disposable design integrates durable, reusable subs with single-use electrical and explosive components – to deliver a unique combination of reliable performance and efficient operation that you can’t get from traditional, ported gun systems. The result is improved reliability, less nonproductive time and greater confidence downhole.
GameChanger Diagram

Rethink your perf operations.

Designed and manufactured in our Houston Research & Technology Center, the GameChanger perforating system has features to help take your perf game to a whole new level:

  • It has no restrictive ports that can limit access, crimp electrical connections or cause flooded guns
  • Solid feedthroughs within the subs eliminate vulnerable wires running from gun to gun
  • It is compatible with all manufacturers’ standard shaped charges, which makes it more flexible and customizable than many competitors’ perforating systems
  • Addressable switches provide continuous, real-time confirmation that all connections are in working order and ready to fire
  • Its compact sub design makes the tool string lighter, shorter and safer to handle on the job site

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