C&J provides a full portfolio of diverters and diversion products to meet your operational needs and reservoir requirements. Our diversion materials offer:

  • A full spectrum of temperature ranges
  • Unique particle/mesh sizes and shapes
  • Varied dissolution rates, based on well shut-in duration
  • Customized diverter particles, matched to the proppant size

Diversion Material for Fracturing, Recompletion and Lost Circulation

Our IsoVERT™ midstage diversion material is ideal for initial fracturing or recompletion operations. It also provides a temporary barrier against lost circulation during wellbore cleanouts in depleted and low-pressure reservoirs. IsoVERT – Mid-Stage Diversion MaterialIsoVERT material offers two significant advantages in midstage applications. First, it unlocks previously untapped reservoir flow in perforated zones by helping to extend existing dominant fractures, while also diverting flow to microfractures, which propagates new fractures. Second, IsoVERT material saves time and operational costs by reducing the number of frac plugs and perforating runs in the completions process.

In recompletion operations, IsoVERT material provides leading-edge bridging capabilities for regular and extended-reach laterals.