Disaster Relief & Emergency Hardship Program

Disaster Relief & Emergency Hardship Program

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How C&J Employees Can Receive Assistance

C&J Energy Services employees who have been affected by a catastrophic event and need assistance can apply for:

For assistance, please contact HRServiceCenter@cjes.com.

How Anyone Can Help

Employee Hardship Assistance Fund

C&J has set up a charitable 501(c)(3) fund. We will match employee donations, dollar for dollar, up to $100,000. This fund will allow tax-free donations from anyone interested, including employees and businesses. C&J employees who have been financially impacted by a catastrophic event can apply for grants to aid recovery. 

How C&J Employees Can Help

Emergency Leave Donation Bank

Employees can donate a portion of their unused vacation, sick, volunteer and other available paid time off to the Emergency Leave Donation Bank. C&J employees who have experienced a hardship that requires additional time off can apply for a grant of emergency leave from this bank. For more information on how to apply, please email us at HRServiceCenter@cjes.com

C&J is known for our resiliency and ability to meet every challenge. We are committed to our employees, and we encourage everyone to help our affected team members to recover.

We are resilient. We are united. We are strong. WE ARE C&J.

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Additional Questions? Please email HRServiceCenter@cjes.com.