C&J Energy Services + Seismos: Innovation Through Collaboration

A Whole New Level of Reservoir Intelligence.

Two cutting-edge technologies have come together to bring an unprecedented depth of understanding to your shale operations. These cost-effective, reliable solutions bring vast improvements to your frac plans, field development and operational efficiency. The collaboration delivers C&J’s unsurpassed completions expertise – including the LateralScienceSM engineered-completion method – in tandem with Seismos’ realtime Seismos-FracTM hydraulic fracture monitoring.

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Understand and quantify how various completion designs will affect stage performance.

C&J’s LateralScience method uses common drilling data to optimize the well-completion design based on changes in rock hardness along the wellbore. The Seismos-Frac solution uses borehole pressure-wave
reflections to evaluate the geometry and conductivity of the fracture network.
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Low-investment, high-ROI performance – without interrupting your completion schedule.

Here’s how our alliance delivers maximum value to your operations:

  • The right completion design for your unique lateral
  • Unmatched expertise to ensure perf and frac plans are optimally executed
  • The ability to adjust and optimize fracturing treatments in real time
  • Better well-spacing decisions to enhance field development
  • Noninvasive methods that won’t delay operations

Image - LateralScience and Seismos Plot
Our groundbreaking collaboration integrates LateralScience facies (shown in trajectory plot) with Seismos-Frac results for both geometry (blue) and conductivity (green). Lower-strength stages at the heel show much longer half-lengths than the high-strength stages further downhole.


We make your data more valuable – by actually putting it to work!

Often, deploying reservoir technologies is too time intensive to be efficient or profitable. So, while operators find the data interesting, they struggle to reap its benefits. C&J and Seismos overcome this obstacle by providing insightful expertise – in real time and on location – that empower you to take full advantage of this crucial information on every well.

Your one-stop shop for superior data and exceptional results.

You can always trust C&J’s unmatched expertise to properly apply the data to your perforating and fracturing operations. With C&J and Seismos working together, you have access to a “one-stop shop” that provides superior reservoir intelligence. Then, we take it a step further to ensure that the intelligence is leveraged properly to deliver maximum value to your operations.

To reap the benefits of these tandem technologies in your unconventional wellsites, contact dale.logan@cjes.com or info@seismos.com.