Moving Forward WITH PURPOSE


For a while now, unpredictable market fluctuations have been a mainstay in the oil and gas industry. In this environment, there can be a tendency among companies to be merely reactive, implementing tactics with little consideration for strategy. At C&J, we’re in this for the long term. Our vision is far-sighted, and our approach is grounded solidly in our core values.

WE BELIEVE in empowering our people, because our people are the ultimate source of every tool, every service, every innovation and every idea that increases the value of our company.

WE BELIEVE in doing the right thing and doing things right, all the time and without exception, because our reputation will live far beyond our daily actions and transactions.

WE BELIEVE in demonstrating resilience because ours is a challenging profession. Feats of human engineering have enabled us to do what was assumed impossible only a few years ago. We will continue to embrace these challenges with foresight, integrity and creativity.

WE BELIEVE in delivering every time, setting high expectations for excellence and striving to meet those expectations without fail.

These values propel us as we move forward, committed to delivering sustainable value to our shareholders. Our innovative product and service offerings provide enhanced efficiencies, improved safety and lower cost of ownership to our customers, while still demanding higher margins for our bottom line. We continue to prudently deploy capital, investing in higher-return projects, internally and externally. In short, we simply continue — with purpose.


We are a market leader in high-spec coiled tubing, with one of the industry’s biggest fleets of large-diameter coil.