Casedhole Solutions Wireline

C&J Energy Services is an industry-leading provider of perforating, pipe recovery and wireline logging services. Our people are highly experienced in safely servicing deep, high pressure, high-temperature wells in the most active production basins.


C&J provides premium perforating services for wireline and tubing-conveyed applications. Our systems can be run in conjunction with a drilling rig, pulling rig, snubbing unit or coiled tubing unit. We regularly perform jobs that combine multiple guns shot sequentially using percussion activated switches. We also offer RF-safe addressable switches designed in-house by our world-class Research & Technology Center. Every perforating project is precisely tailored to operator specifications and the unique parameters of the completion strategy, utilizing the industry’s highest-quality perforating hardware and charges.

Full Range of Perforating Equipment with Addressable Switch Capability

  • Tubing-conveyed perforating equipment
  • Pipe recovery equipment (freepoint, backoff, and all types of cutters)
  • Downhole head tension tool
  • Mechanical and explosive release tool
  • 5,000 psi and 10,000 psi pressure control equipment
  • Sour service wireline cables
  • Crane services
  • Wireline friction/pump rate modeling

Pipe Recovery

With a comprehensive range of pipe recovery services, we are particularly adept at pipe recovery in deep and highly deviated wells. Our services include:

  • Acoustic stuck pipe log
  • Free point services
  • Fish finder log
  • Back-off string shots

Pipe Cutting Services

  • Radial cutting torches
  • Explosive jet cutters
  • Chemical cutters
  • Split shots
  • Junk shots
  • Shooting circulation holes
  • Tool retrieval
  • MWD retrieval and installation
  • Gyro survey instrument

Wireline Logging

C&J field personnel are extensively trained to deploy and operate the industry’s most sophisticated, highest-quality downhole and surface acquisition equipment. We deliver comprehensive industry-standard casedhole logging services—from collar logs to radial cement bond logs. The wireline systems we deploy allow us to quickly provide highly accurate reports, formatted to operators’ exact specifications. Every log is meticulously annotated—so the operator always has a clear reference going forward. Data can be displayed in various formats, and can be readily transferred to paper logs. In addition, our purpose-built fleet of wireline trucks features a new “open back” design which allows for greater visibility, efficiency and safety.

Wireline Logging Components & Capabilities

  • Radial cement bond log tools (1 11/16-in to 4 1/2-in)
  • Electromagnetic thickness and multi-finger (24-60) caliper tools with 3D visualization software
  • Compensated and single detector neutron tools
  • Combinable logging services for reduced wells runs with service configurations
  • Production logging tools (flowmeter, gradiometer, dielectric, pressure, temperature)
  • Noise/temperature logging tools
  • Secure customer portal system for data delivery

Tiger Wireline Serves West Coast

For West Coast customers, we provide casedhole wireline services through our California-based subsidiary, Tiger Wireline.