Directional Services

In today’s highly competitive directional drilling market, both accuracy and speed count. When even a few minutes of time saved makes all the difference in a highly deviated wellbore, C&J Energy Services’ fleet of industry-proven technology—operated by experts with extensive local knowledge—is your solution.

Positive Displacement Drilling Motors Increase Rate of Penetration

Rugged and reliable, C&J’s positive displacement downhole mud motors can be used for expanded applications such as steerable drilling, re-entry drilling and hole opening.

USBS Directional Motor Completes Curve of the Well in One Run

C&J’s Ultra-Short Bearing Section (USBS) is the industry’s shortest bent-bearing assembly. With a 17-in bit-to-bend length, the USBS provides

  • better hole quality,
  • completion of the curve of the well in one run, and
  • reliable and accurate results, time after time.

Advanced MWD Services Ensure Accuracy

To optimize production and recovery, our measurement while drilling (MWD) services deliver high-quality data to enable accurate, precise drilling of extended reach, horizontal, vertical and complex directional wells and sidetracks—planned or unplanned.

Directional Drilling Services and Applications

  • High-temperature MWD
  • Multilateral horizontals
  • Casedhole and openhole whipstock sidetracking
  • Extended-reach well design
  • Straight-hole monitoring and motor rentals