C&J’s Tru-MillTM Composite Plugs are engineered to meet today’s market demands for low-cost, high performance, and highly reliable completion tools. Run downhole on wireline, the plugs can be used to isolate zones in vertical, deviated, and horizontal wells during hydraulic stimulation. Then they can be drilled out efficiently using coil or stick pipe, allowing full wellbore flow.

Tru-MillTM Composite Plug Benefits

  • One of the shortest 5.5-in plugs on the market
  • High performance mandrels are thinner than the competition, and easier to mill through and flow back
  • Stronger, solid, single ring slips with minimal cast iron are stronger, for more consistent performance than composite button slips
  • A simple design utilizes a single element system, reducing the risk of failure
  • A solid backup ring minimizes the risk of presets
  • Anti-rotation features allow for milling consistency
  • More molded components are utilized than in most competitive plugs, for consistent quality and material, resulting in higher performance and greater cost effectiveness