C&J provides a full portfolio of diverters and diversion products to meet customers’ operational needs and reservoir requirements. Our diversion materials offer:

  • A full spectrum of temperature ranges
  • Unique particle/mesh sizes and shapes
  • Varied dissolution rates based on well shut-in duration requirements
  • Custom-matched diverter particles, according to proppant size utilized

Diversion Material for Fracturing, Re-Completion and Lost Circulation

C&J’s IsoVERTTM mid-stage diversion material can be used during initial fracturing or re-completion operations. It can also be utilized as a temporary lost circulation material during workover operations for wellbore cleanouts in depleted and low pressure reservoirs.
IsoVERT – Mid-Stage Diversion Material
When used mid-stage, IsoVERT offers two significant advantages. First, it can facilitate the extension of existing dominant fractures while propagating new fractures by diverting flow to micro-fractures. This process is designed to boost conductivity in all perforated zones by effectively stimulating all fractured intervals, unlocking additional producible volume within the reservoir. Secondly, IsoVERT material has been proven to reduce the number of frac plugs and perforating runs utilized during the completions process, leading to increased time savings.

When used in re-completion operations, IsoVERT material provides leading-edge bridging capabilities for regular and extended reach laterals.