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C&J Energy Services’ Directional Drilling Motor Provides Operators with New Levels of Efficiency

Houston, Texas, January 21, 2016 — C&J Energy Services announces another successful job by its Ultra Short Bearing Section (USBS) directional drilling motor. Drilled for Pacesetter Energy LLC’s Captain AHAB Harpoon 1H well, in Andrews County, Texas, the USBS was able to drill the vertical, curve and lateral well segments in a single trip, eliminating the need for the operator to change the bottomhole assembly (BHA) during the transitions.

C&J’s operations delivered impressive results, including total feet drilled of 8,008 feet, depth-in of 1,722 feet and depth-out of 9,730 feet. Total average combined rate-of-penetration (ROP) was 69.74 feet per hour; rotating 85% of the operation while sliding 15% (6,767 feet rotating with average 111.7 feet per hour and 1,241 feet sliding with average 22.9 feet per hour). The 1,241 feet sliding included the curve segment.

Josh Bryant, Vice President of Engineering and Project Development for Pacesetter, said, “The idea of achieving total depth with acceptable build rates through the curve using a single, conventional BHA has been a goal of ours in this low price environment. The combination of C&J’s USBS technology and field support resulted in us not only meeting that objective, but also in a well drilled in record time for our company.”

Patrick McKinley, Vice President of C&J’s Directional Services, commented, “We are very excited about the capabilities our proprietary USBS technology offers the industry. The ability to drill the vertical, curve and lateral with the shortest bit-to-bend assembly in the industry allows C&J Directional Services to deliver the most efficient drilling operations in today’s demanding drilling environment.”

C&J’s USBS is the drilling industry’s shortest bit-to-bend bearing assembly. The 17-inch bit-to-bend of the motor with a 1° offset consistently yields a 17.5° dog leg severity (DLS) (depending on configuration) in commercial applications. This low offset coupled with the short bearing provides better hole quality by giving the operator a near gauge hole, consistent DLS throughout the well and RPM not limited by the motor. The USBS assembly delivers reliable and accurate results, minimizing costs and downtime. 

The USBS is one of several technologies being developed by C&J to support drilling operations in North America. Other technologies include measurement-while-drilling and logging-while-drilling tools, directional motors and associated support services including on-site directional specialists.

About C&J Energy Services

C&J Energy Services is a leading provider of well construction, well completions and well support services, with one of the largest workover and well servicing rig fleets in North America. C&J operates in some of the most active North American onshore basins with facilities across the United States and Western Canada. In addition to directional services our offerings include cementing, fracturing, coiled tubing, wireline, pumping, rig services, fluids management and other specialty services. C&J also has an office in Dubai and is in the process of establishing an operational presence in key countries in the Middle East. For additional information about C&J, please visit

Myron Malek, Director of Marketing
C&J Energy Services