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Nominating & Governance Committee

Our Nominating & Corporate Governance Committee is responsible for the oversight of risks relating to corporate governance, Board organization, membership and structure, and succession planning for our senior management team, including our Chief Executive Officer. Pursuant to its charter, the purposes of our Nominating & Governance Committee are to:

  • Advise our Board and make recommendations regarding appropriate corporate governance practices and assist our Board in implementing those practices;
  • Assist our Board by identifying individuals qualified to become members of our Board, consistent with criteria approved by the Board,  and recommending director nominees for election at each annual stockholders meeting or for appointment to fill vacancies;
  • Advise our Board and make recommendations regarding the appropriate composition of our Board and its committees;
  • Lead our Board in its annual review of the performance of the Board and its committees and of senior management, including our Chief Executive Officer;
  • Direct all matters relating to succession planning for the Company’s Chief Executive Officer, as well as succession planning for the other members of the senior management team in consultation with our Chief Executive Officer and succession planning of our accounting and financial personnel in consultation with the Audit Committee; and
  • Perform such other functions as our Board may assign to our Nominating & Governance Committee from time to time.

In connection with these purposes, our Nominating & Governance Committee evaluates potential new members of our Board, actively monitors and advises the Board about appropriate corporate governance practices, evaluates director independence under the applicable standards, and identifies the qualities and characteristics necessary for an effective Chief Executive Officer.

Our Nominating & Governance Committee is responsible for developing and recommending to the Board appropriate criteria for selecting new directors and actively seeking out candidates for recommendation to our Board. In considering candidates for our Board, our Nominating & Governance Committee considers the entirety of each candidate’s credentials. There is currently no set of specific minimum qualifications that must be met by a nominee recommended by our Nominating & Governance Committee, as different factors may assume greater or lesser significance at particular times. Furthermore, the needs of our Board may vary in light of its composition, and our Nominating & Governance Committee’s perceptions about future issues and needs. However, while the Board does not maintain a formal list of qualifications, in making its evaluation and recommendation of candidates, our Nominating & Governance Committee may consider, among other factors, diversity, age, skill, experience in the context of the needs of our Board, independence qualifications and whether a prospective nominee has relevant business and financial experience, industry or other specialized expertise and a high moral character.

Our Nominating & Governance Committee may consider candidates for our Board from any reasonable source, including from a search firm engaged by our Nominating & Governance Committee or stockholder recommendations. Our Nominating & Governance Committee does not intend to alter the manner in which it evaluates candidates based on whether the candidate is recommended by a stockholder. However, in evaluating a candidate’s relevant business experience, our Nominating & Governance Committee may consider previous experience as a member of our Board.

Governance Committee Charter