Compliance & Ethics

We are committed to maintaining the trust of our partners – our shareholders, customers, vendors and the C&J family. An uncompromising commitment to integrity drives us to behave in a manner that demonstrates respect, transparency, dependability and accountability. All employees must adhere to ethical business practices and fully comply with our corporate policies and procedures and applicable laws and regulations. We strive to at all times act with awareness of our responsibility as a corporate citizen and to protect the safety and health of one another, the environment and the people of the communities in which we live and work. There is no acceptable excuse for not doing so.

We have adopted corporate policies, including those described below, that promote the effective functioning of our Company and ensure that C&J is managed with integrity and in the best interest of our stakeholders.

Code of Business Conduct & Ethics (PDF)
Financial Code of Ethics (PDF)

Reporting Concerns

Our corporate policies, including our Code of Business Conduct & Ethics, supports our standards of ethical conduct and legal behavior.

We expect our employees to avoid any appearance of improper conduct. To maintain the highest ethical standards, all C&J employees are required to speak up and promptly report any concerns or actual violations of our corporate policies or the law to an immediate supervisor, human resources representative, or General Counsel & Chief Compliance Officer ( or 713-325-6090). This includes concerns regarding questionable financial, accounting, internal accounting controls and auditing matters.

We encourage others outside the company to inform us if they suspect or encounter any violations of our Code of Business Conduct & Ethics or the law by our employees, or any other activities which otherwise may amount to unethical or improper conduct.

To facilitate the reporting of concerns, C&J offers a multi-lingual, global third party, independent “hotline” service that is available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Concerns may be handled anonymously and submitted over the phone or online. See the links below for additional information about this service.

Anyone reporting potential, suspected or actual violations in good faith is protected from retaliation under our Code of Business Conduct & Ethics and our Policy for Complaint Procedures, as well as in a number of countries (including the U.S.) by legislation.

Policy Complaint Procedures (PDF)
Anonymous Reporting Hotline (PDF)